This Are a ROCK GUYZ


SkAttered Union is a Pop Punk band From Gatlinburg Tennessee!
with Fast riffs and Catchy Hooks!
SkAttered Union just Released they're Full length Electrical BathTissue! After playing many venues and large Festivals!
they've been play on rotation on the Local X ! (94.3 The X!) Which has caused a bit of success!
Running with this they've Entered the Ernie Ball, Vans Battle of the Bands! with the hopes to draw in more fans to the music!
And are also working on more local venues in they're Area!
Getting to know SkAttered Union Is As easy as walking up and talking to them! They have a great Fan to Band relationship!
"I think Musicians are supposed to get to know they're fans! its one of my favorite parts of the job!" - Sarek
Members of the Band Include !
Sinjin - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Sarek- Vocals/Guitar
Connor-Bass guitar
Caleb- Drums
Forming in 2008 the band is constantly writing songs and heading for a common goal! to Create great music and have fun doing so!
Sinjin was qoted on air stating "To me music isnt supposed to be "the air I breath" or "My soul" Its supposed to be a life you spend with
your band having fun and expressing who you are to the world. My band is my family and I love em'!" 
SkAttered Union has played a total of 347 live shows and the number keeps raising!
So remember to Dress Naked! and Make sure to Stay tuned for more shows!

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